Q. What training do your staff have?

A. All staff are carefully selected by Miss Sarah Kirby & Miss Felicity Mctigue

A training programme is in progress in the Home, for all the care assistants, including drug administration, first aid, food hygiene, moving & positioning passport, N.V.Q. qualifications and many other courses.

All staff are encouraged to attend courses and study days outside the home.

Q. Are the meals served at set times? Can I have breakfast in bed on a Sunday?

A. Of course you can have breakfast in bed! Meals are at set times see schedule below. All diets can be catered for vegetarian, diabetic, low calorie etc.

Due to the size of the home we are able to get to know our Residents likes and dislikes, so we can offer alternatives when required.

The times shown below are start times and are optional

  • 7.30am Cup of tea in bed.
  • 8.30am Breakfast in bed (if requested)
  • 8.00am Breakfast (in the dining room): cereals, porridge, toast.
  • 11.00am Morning tea/coffee and biscuits.
  • 1.00pm Lunch: Home cooking: roasts, fish & chips, stews.
  • 3.00pm Afternoon tea.
  • 5.00pm High tea – soup & rolls – Smoked fish – Sandwiches. Always a
    choice available.
  • 7.00pm Milky drink. Ovaltine, chocolate etc.

Q. I like having my hair done regularly is their a local hairdresser?

A. A local hairdresser visits weekly, costing around £7.00 for a shampoo and set or there is a salon in Broughton.

Q. I am an avid reader is there a local library and can I get a daily paper?

A. We have a selection of books which Residents are welcome to have the use of. There are ‘house daily papers’, if you would like your own daily paper or periodical these can be delivered and will be charged for separately.

Q. How is laundry dealt with?

A. We do all the laundry here, but we do ask relatives to mark clothes with names (initials) prior to arrival, and on any articles brought in subsequently.

Q Is it possible to have my own pictures on the wall in my room?

A. We encourage residents to bring in articles of furniture and things from home to make their room more personal.